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General FAQ

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Device Related — Notched Phones

Some Android devices might not start completely in full screen, and will start below the notch. Please open the settings menu on your device and look for Full Screen options, then find BLU (Scuba.app) and select Full Screen.

Device Related — iPad and Tablet Support

We have partial support for Tablet sized devices, we're working on a design that will allow us to make use of the entire screen. We've had some fantastic suggestions, if inspired, please let us know.

Dive Stores — Accepting payments on BLU

You need both a merchant account and a gateway to accept online payments. We have partnered with Authoirze.net—their powerful system offers both, for unparalleled flexibility. So, you can:

  • Bring your existing merchant account, and for the Gateway:
    $10 p/month + $0.07 p/transaction 10c charge and 3c returned as cash back
  • Or, for a limited time, courtesy of Authorize.net, they are offering both a FREE Merchant account and FREE Gateway:
    No monthly fee with 2.9% + $0.21 p/transaction 30c charge and 9c returned as cash back
  • We will NEVER charge a transaction fee
  • We will NEVER force you to discount your prices